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Agriterra 02 (I-3/HF-2) – new generation of fast and powerful agricultural tires

  • * Excellent self-cleaning properties
  • * Low noise emissions due to higher positive footprint share
  • * Wide agricultural use: flat trucks, fast-moving agricultural trailers, tank containers etc

Agriterra 02 (I-3/HF-2)
Agriterra 02 (I-3/HF-2)

Load capacity

Road performance

Field performance



Application suitability chart - agricultural radial tires


List of tire sizes and details

Size (inch) Tire size Service description LI/SS Detail
26.5”650/65 R 26.5174 DDetail
800/45 R 26.5174 DDetail
30.5”850/50 R 30.5182 DDetail