SFT CHO Cyclic Harvesting Operation tire. The most gentle ground handling tire extending comfortably harvesting time frame.

  • Combine tire with maximum cyclic axle load capacity.
  • Extremely low inflation pressure and more maximum load capacity at the same time, e.g. 1.6 bar vs. standard tire 3.0 bar at a load of 10,710 kg.
  • Larger footprint than standard harvester tires guarantees gentler ground handling and extends the harvesting time frame.
  • Due to its compact, narrow construction the tire fulfills all legal requirements (limited vehicle width).


Load Capacity


Soil protection

Handling on road

Cost efficiency


List of tire sizes and details

Size (inch) Tire size Service description LI/SS Detail
32.0”800/70 R 32175 A8 (172 B)Detail
900/60 R 32176 A8 (173 B)Detail
900/70 R 32182 A8 (179 B)Detail
38.0”680/80 R 38179 D (182A8Detail
800/70 R 38181D (184A8)Detail
800/70 R 38178 D (181 A8)Detail
900/60 R 38181 D (184 A8)Detail
900/60 R 38178 D (181 A8)Detail
42.0”680/80 R 42180 D (183 A8)Detail
800/70 R 42182 D (185 A8)Detail
900/60 R 42183D (186A8)Detail

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