SFT IMP (R-1W) Tremendous flexion and load capacity make these tires a great fit for the steering axle of a combine

  • * Outstanding traction thanks to very large ground contact patch.
  • * High load capacity and optimal ground pressure distribution reduces soil compaction.
  • * Long tire life through optimized tread pattern design and high resistance to damage.
  • * Suitable also for free-rolling field applications.


Load Capacity


Soil protection

Handling on road

Cost efficiency

List of tire sizes and details

Size (inch) Tire size Service description LI/SS Detail
24.0”500/85 R 24165/177 A8Detail
500/85 R 24158/171 A8Detail
28.0”500/80 R 28176/164 A8Detail
30.0”500/85 R 30176/164 A8Detail
620/70 R 30166/178 A8Detail
620/70 R 30178/166 A8Detail
620/75 R 30163 D (166 8)Detail
710/60 R 30162/180A8Detail
34.0”500/85 R 34178/166 A8Detail

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